No. Instrument Code
1 Inflation Wndow 1001
2 Fibre Illuminated Projection Head 1002
3 Adult Obturator 1003
  (child) 1004
4 Adult cannula only 1005
  (child) 1006
5 Inflation bellows 1007

FRANKFELDT DIATHERMY SNARES with simple loop pattern stilette
Code Description
K4217/1 with one shaft & snare  (please state length when ordering)
K4217/2 with two shafts & snares (please state length when ordering)
K4217/3 with three shafts & snares
K4217/TS16 Spare insulated tubular shaft 16inch (400mm)
K4217/TS12 Spare insulated tubular shaft 12inch (300mm)
K4217/TS8 Spare insulated tubular shaft 8inch (250mm)
K4217/ST16 Spare spare snare 16inch
K4217/ST12 Spare spare snare 12inch
K4217/ST8 Spare spare snare 8inch
K4217 Spare handle assembly
Cables for use with above  
Code Description
598348 8mm Plug 3M Std UK 3/16 (4.8mm) socket
594348 4mm Plug 3M St 3/16 (4.8mm) socket
593348 Hook Connector 3M Std UK 3/16 (4.8mm) socket
G.O.S Spare Part Codes  
Code Description
6223 Biopsy top cap
6226 Cutting cups
6224 Thumb ring screw
6222 Knurled retention ring
6225 O Ring
6221 Syringe Connection


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