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BIPOLAR CABLES   3mtr 5mtr
Coaxil Pins for Erbe, Downs and Siemans Euro CP523UK CP535UK
  Storz CP523STZ CP525STZ
  Wolf CP523WS CP525WS
  US CP523US CP525US
  Thackray CP523T CP5235T
Twin 4mm Pins
Compatible with most generators
Euro 52443UK 52445UK
  Storz 52443STZ 52445STZ
  Wolf 52443WS 52445WS
  US 52443US 52445US
  Thackray 52443T 52445T
Coaxil Pins for Berchtold, Wolf and Martin Euro WC523UK WC525UK
  Storz WC523STZ WC523STZ
  Wolf WC523WS WC525WS
  US WC523US WC525US
  Thackray WC523T WC525T


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